Dawn’s Awards and Memberships

awardsDawn Bennett’s financial expertise and success in business has earned her widespread recognition over the course of her career. The result of these acknowledgements has been numerous awards and membership invitations to prestigious industry organizations.

Dawn has been recognized in Research Magazine for her contributions to the 401 (k) and pension-management industry, as well as for her impressive work with money managers in 401 (k) plans. Earlier in her career, Dawn was named to the Registered Representative magazine’s listing of the “10 Outstanding New Investment Brokers” in the United States. Most recently, Dawn was selected to serve as the exclusive state leader to the District of Columbia for The Evelyn Brust Foundation Leadership Council, which exists as the only national program that may collaborate with national and state regulators of securities to provide free, public investment education.

In regards to membership with professional organizations, Dawn Bennett actively participates in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Council of Small Business, the prestigious and industry-leading Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA), and has held previous positions with the Wheat First’s Executive Club and the Legg Mason’s President’s Council. The value of Dawn’s financial expertise has also been recognized via invitations to speak at conferences and universities; Dawn has presented at the National Political Women’s Caucus Conference in Houston and has served as a visiting professor during a spring semester at Johns Hopkins University.

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