Media Appearances

mediaDawn Bennett is no stranger to the media spotlight; for years newspapers, magazines and networks have sought out Dawn Bennett for her financial insight and wisdom. In addition to her media presence via her two-hour, nationally-syndicated “Financial Myth Busting with Dawn Bennett” radio program, Dawn has been featured in a diverse range of local and national publication and programs.

Where might you see Dawn Bennett in the media?

Dawn is contributor to CNBC’s “Kudlow & Company,” “Morning Call” and “Closing Bell” television programs, and has made appearances on other national networks, including the Fox News Channel, where she provided insight on “Forbes on Fox” and “Cavuto on Business.”

Viewers might also find Dawn on CNN, Bloomberg Television and “First Business,” a national television program that focuses on women’s investment issues. Dawn has also hosted or served as a guest host on a variety of radio and television programs including “It’s a Matter of Money” on WRC Business Radio and “Market Call” on CNN/fn. Additional radio commentary and interviews include National Public Radio (NPR), the Business News Network, WSAR’s “The John Greenwood Show,” WSDR’s “Money in the Morning,” and KSDO’s “The Mike Green Hour.”

In print, Dawn’s articles have been featured in The Washington Business Journal, while extensive features and interviews with Dawn have been printed in approximately 30 leading newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, Fortune Magazine,, Reuters Financial News and On Wall Street.

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