The Problem with Great Expectations

Dawn J BennettDawn J. Bennett, host of Financial Myth Busting, recently wrote an article titled, “The Problem with Great Expectations.”

According to Bennett, “For eight years, we have been spoon fed a narrative of increasing prosperity. The message has been carefully crafted by the executive branch, seasoned and served by a complicit media. And many of us have all too gladly accepted it.”

She continued, “The nonsensical market reacts to bad news by surging up, giving officials and pundits something to point at as ‘proof’ of their claims, despite the fact that fundamentals continue to weaken under massive debt and weak global demand. Money printing and central bank stimulus continues blowing air into this unsustainable bubble, though, and many have become complacent, ignoring the yawning abyss that we’re perched right on the edge of.”

Bennett explains this is the same narrative that wants us to believe President Trump has inherited a strong economy which will continue to ascend. This is certainly not the case.

“Trump is being set up to fail by the financial elites, the globalists that have been running the Obama administration’s economic policy and the Federal Reserve,” says Bennett. “Our Humpty-Dumpty economy is bound for a great fall, regardless of the current President’s best intentions, and the most deeply important question of the next four years is who is going to be putting the pieces back together, and how they do it.”

Bennett explains Trump talks about “draining the swamp,” and she believes there are four economic swamps that lie ahead between us and full recovery from the bad economic policy of the Obama Administration.

According to Bennett, these four swamps are:

  1. Our massive and uncontrolled national debt
  2. Our hidden fiscal gap
  3. Short-term debt maturity
  4. Suppressed double-digit inflation that is on the way

Like Bennett, many economists and financial experts believe a financial crash is imminent and even well underway.

“This is not the time to stay complacent and start humming ‘Happy Days Are Here Again,’” says Bennett. “It is, instead, time to gird your loins and make tough choices about how to protect your hard-earned wealth. Look at cash and precious metals, look for ways to preserve what you have during what seems certain to be a very rocky 2017 and beyond.”

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